Healingprogram at the festival 

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  • Wutao© awakening the soul of the body                                with Mylène Masini-Calvel 
  • Ayurvedische Massage                                                         with Mirre
  • Hridaya Yoga                                                                          with Esmeralda
  • Soundfulness Sound experience                                         with Mary
  • Tarot  workshop                                                                     with Mohini
  • Yoga, theme ‘Open your heart’                                            with Mandy
  •  Bharat Natyam, classical Indian dance                              with Uma & Indra
  • Healing on DNA level.                                                           with Johanna Kraus 
  • Lecture The Health cure                                                        with Claudio
  • Jharra sessions                                                                      with Kharkuli
  • ””””’   ”””””’                                                                                with Mahendri
  • Jyotish reading                                                                       with Bhaskaranand
  • Energetische mantra healing                                               with Arjuna
  • Ped. /Voetreflexologe                                                            with Elisabeth
  • Tarot consult                                                                           with Bianca 
  • Shamanic Healing                                                                   with Vandevi

Wutao© : awakening the soul of the body

Wutao© is a contemporary creation, developed by Pol Charoy and Imanou Risselard, which has emerged from the crossing of different techniques : Taoist arts like Taiji quan, western bioenenergetic analysis and Yoga. The principals of Wutao© are based on the consciousness of the primordial pulsation of life within ourselves and the wavy movement of the spine that is associated with it. Relaxing the pelvis allows the unfolding of this wave which, along with the breath, opens the doors of immemorial feeling of gesture. In this workshop, we will experiment the soft power of Wutao© and body ecology by accompagnying the gentle unfolding of the wave in the movement, from the roots of the feet to our finger tips, like the blossoming of a flower. This will make us feel vibrant like the string of a musical instrument between earth and sky, alive in all our cells, present in our body and in the world, breathing and expressing Life.
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Workshop in english by Mylène Masini-Calvel    cost 10,-  for 50 minutes

Ayurvedische Massage

My name is Mirre van Zanten. In my daily work I am  Ayurvedic Practitioner. In this weekend I giveAyurvedic massage consults or Prana Healing. A 1 hour consult cost € 50,00

I am also Yoga teacher and I like to do Yoga with children. And Sunday morning I like to enjoy the children in the age from 5-9 with a yoga class. The time: 9.30 -10.30 uur.

Om Namah Shivaya

  Hridaya yoga 


               What does Hridaya mean?

Hridaya Yoga, the Yoga of the Spiritual Heart, is a spiritual path whose purpose is the revelation of our True Self, atman, or, as it is known in contemplative traditions, the Spiritual Heart. Developed by meditation master Sahajananda, Hridaya Yoga is based on traditional spiritual principles and visions from classical yoga based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Advaita Vedanta, Tantra, and Kashmiri Shaivism. They are further correlated with teachings from Sufism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Taoism. The practice of Hridaya Yoga allows us to live in the very “core” of existence, to feel the heartbeat of every moment of life, to know intuitively the eternal dimension of every moment. Students engaged on the path of Hridaya Yoga aspire to live in the Heart, in the Supreme Reality. Hridaya Yoga’s practices include Hatha Yoga, meditations for the revelation of the Spiritual Heart, and techniques for cultivating awareness in daily life.

                 Hridaya – The Spiritual Heart, Our Real Home

Hridaya Hatha Yoga is an accessible and meditative hatha yoga, in which we are centering ourselves in the absolute Stillness of our Being. It learns us to become aware of our true Selves cultivating an Open Attention; without judgement, expectations, projections etc. And to let go of the identification with thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and energies to surrender to the present moment. Ultimately, the most beautiful outcome of this practice for us  is to start becoming accustomed to centering in the present moment, the Spiritual Heart – Hridaya. This means to get used and be aware of that quiet, peaceful, infinite, and eternal foundation of our being which cannot be perceived by the rational mind, but is the source of all inspiration, love, beauty, and spiritual life. Many sages have said that Spiritual Heart is our real home. So abandon yourselves, trust and enjoy this centering. The Spiritual Heart is your axis, your hub. The Spiritual Heart is the “meeting place” for those who wish to relate to life in a peaceful, harmonious & sacred manner.                                                                                        Teacher: Hridaya yoga is taught by Esmeralda Ritstier.                                                                   Price: by donation – min. € 5,– pp.  60 minutes All for the support of the Eye Hospital in India.                          More: read more about Hridaya Yoga at and

  Soundfulness Sound experience

  Everything is sound!                                                                                                                                   It already existed at the beginning of times and it’s everywhere, inside us and around us. It connects us to eachother and to the ‘all’. Sound has a direct effect on every cell of the body. Resonance creates balance.                                                                                                                                                Enjoy an hour just for you, individually or in a group, and come to yourself, be yourself. Release anything that is stuck through the resonance of sound, feel free and experience more space inside to enjoy the rest of the festival. Manorama uses ancient instruments like singing bowls, Indian flute, Shaman drum, rattles, oceandrum, sansula, bullroarer, gong and voice. The resonance will bring you back into your body.                                                                                                                           Sound heals, relaxes, makes silent and clear. Use it for meditation, travel or just relax and enjoy. You will lie down on a matrass (or sit up) and all you need to do is to relax, nothing else!                                A session takes 1 hour, the donation I ask is 10,-                                                                                                                Love Manorama


Especially for Charity Kirtan Festival fans:
Workshop ‘The Magic of Tarot’ with Mohini.
The tarot holds a mirror up. Do you have a charisma as the Magician? Whether you enjoy just as much life as the Empress or are the rock in your community like the Emperor does, the tarot will disclose its secrets for you.

Discover what your tarot card will tell you! The tarot cards where you feel intuitively attracted to, can tell you a lot about who you are and give you an insight into your gifts and talents and challenges.

Find out how your tarot card helps you attracting love and good fortune, finding happiness and using your internal strength.

The workshop begins with a brief visualization / meditation to help you find your inner calmness, and then Mohini will initiate you in the mysteries of tarot. You will get a special message from your tarot card and this loving message helps you to connect with your intuition and opens your heart to positive changes. We conclude with a sparkling ritual to welcome the new possibilities in your life.
In this workshop you will learn what tarot is, what tarot can do for you and discover how it works. You don‘t need any experience with tarot or to possess a tarot deck to participate in this magical workshop! We use large plasticized tarot cards and you receive a nice handout to take home. Your contribution to the KBF: € 20, – or more.  for 50 min.
Love from Mohini

 Yoga, theme ‘Open your heart’

I would like to invite you to a Hatha Yogaclass Saswitha-Style. This style is about the unity of body and mind with the emphasis on the breathing as a connection between body and mind. You will practice the classical hatha-yoga-āsana’s dynamic in order to stay in the posture more static. The breathing supports the movements of the body. The concentration on your breathing brings a meditative flow which will lead you to more silence.

The duration of this class will be 1 hour and 15 minutes. Standing, sitting and lying postures will be rotated with a meditation and in the end you will relax in Savasana, a longer relaxation, lying on your back. In yoga there is no competition or a perfect posture. It is all about experiencing your body and to get to know yourSelf. Everyone is welcome to join this class, whether you already experienced yoga before or participate for the first time. The class will be in Dutch. It is possible to participate by watching and just let yourself go with the groupflow.                                                                                                    A yogajourney inside yourself. Will you travel along?                                                                                   donation free for 60 min.                                                                             

Bharat Natyam, classical Indian dance 

In the performance there will be shown different kind of dances of Bharat Natyam:                            Rhythm dances and Abhinaya (= expression dances).

In the expression dances you will see stories of the Indian Gods and the longing for   the human being to come closer to them and to the spiritual dimension. In the workshop you will learn some Mudras (hand guestures), steps and movements. We will start to learn some elements of a short Mangalam dance.                                                                                                                                            Mangalam means luck and blessing.In this dance we honour the elements and all being: the earth, the water, the fire, the air, the sun and the moon, body, mind spirit and soul                                                   all is divine!   Love Uma & Indrani donation free for 60 min

Tachyonsession;  Healing on DNA level.

The session will be split in two; half an hour coaching and half an hour tachyon energy. Most of the time it concerns a new phase in conscious. The beginning of realisation; who you really are, knowledge of the unknown and the blueprint of your soul through the centuries.                             These unconscious processes ask a lot of energy. Special at this time because it brings a change of patterns and perception.                                                                                                                               I support these processes in addition to the conversation, the coaching of the soul, with tachyon energy.                                                                                                                                                       for more visit donation  15,- 45 min                                                                       Love Johanna

The Health cure

A lecture  about the use of Hemp-Olie and what it can do with life-threatening diseases as cancer .


.Kharkuli and Mahendra will give Jarra sessions:  this is a healingmethod guided by the mantra with peacock feathers.  donations 15,- for 30 min
Energetische- mantra healings                                                                                                                
Arjuna will be available to give healings. donation free time free

Jyotish reading

Jyotish, inner Light, is the name for the system of Vedic Astrology. The time and place of birth and the movement of the planets reflects what is happening during one’s life. Jyotish is meant to shed light on past, present and future. Jyotish has an own unique system to see which planets have during which time periods a most important role.

During the kirtan festival I can give short consultations, to see which planets are now and in the near future on the forefront in your life, and what it says for your outlook and tendencies in life. Jyotish recommends among others vedic ceremonies, havan (vedic fire-ceremony), and also japa as remedial measures to correct and purify unfavorable periods, and to enhance positivity and peace in life.

These consultations are on the basis of free donations for the Charitable Hospital in Chilianaula, India.  donation free time 30 min.

Love  Bhaskaranand

                                                       Pedicure and foot reflexologist                                                                    donation 25,- time 50 min.


                                                                       Shamanic Healing                                                           

As an Avatar Master, I work with many different types of Healing

It is my passion and I feel it is my vocation to guide and support you on your path of Self-realization. In addition, I use the knowledge, methods and tools that I’ve received over the years by life itself.

After a brief reading of your physical and energetic bodies we decide what kind of healing for you at this time apply.

I work with

  • Grid Energy
  • Gold Healing
  • Mahatma, healing with the full colour spectrum of the Source
  • Divine Blessing / Melchizedek Blessing
  • Purifying and balancing your chakras and your aura
  • Prana Healing
  • the Elementals and Angels

Shamanic Healing

  • Khuyas healing, removal of heavy energies with river stones from Peru
  • Chakras balancing a o with Chumpistones from Peru
  • Removal of links and cords which are no longer necessary
  • Break old imprints
  • Removal of curses
  • Clearing the energy field, close any gaps in the aura

A session lasts 45 minutes and costs € 40, – during this festival