Inspired by the life changing teachings and experiences of living in the ashrams of our Gurus, the Kirtan Benefit Team want to share a heart opening gathering, where we embrace each other and the values of simplicity, service and devotion.

Each person who attends the gathering contributes in their own unique way, and we all invoke the divine vibration in ourselves, in each other and all around us.  We need each other! Your contribution will also help to support some charities.

SERVING EACH OTHER /KARMA YOGA (the yoga of work/action.
Whilst we are together, we would be grateful if you would sign up to offer your time to help keep everything flowing and sacred at the KBF. There will always be opportunities for helping more if you would like to – just enquire at the Registration Desk. When you arrive, there will be a sign up list for you to put your name down for a job that needs doing. The main areas are helping with:
serving food
washing up
cleaning the toilets
If you have caring responsibilities or health issues, there is no need to sign up.