kirtan singers

Kirtan /Harmoniumplayers  (a few names)

Dharmanda is  a young harmoniumplayer who plays kirtan beautiful. Every week he plays in the yoga studio of Swaha Yoga and he organizes in his own place kirtan sessions. So often as possible he leads the kirtan at Sada Shiva Dham. You can say that music is his second nature.

Pujari is the initiator for building the beautiful place Sada Shiva Dham, the dutch Ashram in Loenen. Pujari also met and lived with Sri Haidakhand Baba  in Haidakhan and he plays beautiful harmonium in holland and abroad. Together with Tabla Tom he recorder the devotional cd “Fire of Devotion”

Turkantam An all round italian musician who lives in France. He calls himself a troubadour. He gives concerts worldwide and plays mainly bhajans and kirtan. His own favour is singing the mantra Om Namah Shivay and his own compositions. He recorded many CD’s for example the double cd  “Bhakti by Turkantam”

Moti Ma  music always played an important role in her life. She was the lead singer in different bands from a very young age.She first connected personally to spiritual and devotional music when she was in India in 1980. Sri Haidakhan Wale Baba’s ashram in Uttaranchal, India was her home between 1989 and 1998. Moti Ma and Nina Hagen have been touring together since 2000, playing “Shiva Night Concerts”, world wide.Her CD’s “Shakti-Wave”and “Divine Pearls” were produced, arranged and recorded in 2005 and 2007 in Ibiza. She feels connected to the Divine, when she sings and plays mantras and devotional songs (bajans) and from this she receive strength and energy.

Sivani Mata and Babaji Temple Singers are a collective of people inspired by Babaji, including former members of GOMA.  Harisuddha and Durga Das have been devotees of Sri Haidakhand Baba for over 20 years. They have inspired many people on their spiritual path through taking a mobile ‘temple tent’ around festivals across the U.K and holding pujas and chanting sessions regularly.                                 Sivani Mata ’s  chanting has been influenced by many teachers and traditions and she is highly grateful for the people who have inspired and supported her. She organized the UK’s first Bhakti Music festival in august 2011. Sivani Mata released her debut album ” I Am” in 2013.                                                                                   Tabla Tom ’s Guru is Sri Haidakhand Baba, who emphasised the practice of mantra and karma yoga (selfless service) as the simplest and best way to a meaningful life. Tom has also been blessed to support kirtan wallahs (mantra singers) and yoga teachers from other spiritual lineages including Goma, Krishna Das, Bhagavan Das, Jaya Lakshmi, Shiva Rea and many other lovely souls from India and the UK. All share the same spirit of humility, love of their Guru, and cosmic connection to the divine through chanting simple mantras as their regular practice. “This practice has changed my life. I want to share it with anyone who wants to integrate this energy into their daily lives.”

Mukandi Lal an Italien musician who playes drum and harmonium aswell with love and shakti, he lives and travels between Italie and Haidakhan India.

Maneesh de Moor is a renowned music producer, singer,pianist and composer in the world of yoga and meditation and realeased the ground breaking album “Sadhana“. He has toured extensively with Deva Premal, and collaborated with many world musicians fromthe globe ( Sudha, Praful, Bahramji, Prem Joshua, Manish Vyas, etc.) He holds a powerful space filled with musical inspiration and calm, and all of his music is coming from a place of devotion and meditation.

 Praful is a sax&flute player, producer, charismatic performer and pioneer in the world music community. He embraces Jazz, Soul, Dance, Indian and new world fusion with grace and passion. As he weaves his spell with his sax, or invites soul searching with his flute, or ignites you to dance to abandon, he is in each and every note, inviting you to journey towards that which is of the highest calibre within you. Teacher and Bestselling author Eckhart Tolle has found it  “tremendously, beautiful and deeply touching” . Pruful’s 6 solo albums ( see his website  garnered great international success. He is a regular quest on many festivals and gatherings throughout the world, giving concerts solo or with one of his vatious projects. He is also world renowned for his work/ performance with  Maneesh de Moor, Deva Premal& Miten, and many others.

 Hansuman is creative director, studied hatha yoga and lives in Groesbeek. He plays kirtan with guitar.