several possible booking:

  • early bird price     
  • booking non-festival days
  • booking festival days
  • booking Landal greenpark Coldenhove.
  • Karma-yoga arrangement
  •  Daytickets advance sale             

Early bird prices until the 1st of may an be found below and are valid ,afterwards prices increase 10%.

We ask everyone to make reservation before the actual festival.                      To make your reservation you send an email to stating your name, choice of accommodation, date of arrival and date of leaving. You will recieve an email back with available accommodations plus the cost .I you agree you make the transfer to the account here below. After receiving the money you will get a confirmation of your reservation. Best is to take a print to the festival but it’s not necessary.

Bankaccount; IBAN number NL17INGB0000325925                                                                                                         bank code with BICnumber INGBNL2A                                                                                                       name; Stichting Haidakhandi Samaj                                                                                                             place; Loenen.                                                                                                                                                          Netherlands                                                                                                                        note your name; accommodation date arrival-leave

If you like to use paypal or creditcard go to;                                                                                                           and use the donate button  and write KBfestival.

   Price per person per day 

   non festival days                                                                                                                                        Overnight Ashram                                                                                        20,-E                                 Overnight Maitreya ( 28/29th may and 31/05 /1/06 )                                    40,-E                                       

Festival days; Total 2 days           friday-saturday and saturday-sunday

    Own Tent                                                    2 x 35,-       total cost 70,-                                   Ashramtent (own sleepingbag)                    2 x 40,-                        80,-                                                       Darsanroom (ashram)                                  2 x 45,-                        90,-                                                     Single room  (Maitreya)                                 2 x 65,-                      130,-                                           Room 2 person  (Ashram +Maitreya)           2 x 50-                       100,-                                           Room 3 person  (Ashram +Maitreya)           2 x 54,-                      108,-

Children untill 10 stay for free

Now at the end of April most of the rooms at the ashram are booked already but there are still 2 person rooms in the Buddhist center ‘Maitreya’ available. Walking distance to that place 15 minutes ,It’s a lovely walk and besides that during the day there will by also an organized ransport.

a room in Maitreya instituut

Booking Landal greenpark Coldenhove                                                                                              It’s also possible to rent a bungalow or cabin  in the nearby Landal greenpark Coldenhove. It’s 6.3 km from the Ashram. Through the wood  less.                                                                                           Copy link nl/bungalowparken/nederland/gelderland/coldenhove.              Contact: Landal Coldenhove, Boshoffweg 6, 6961LD Eerbeek, The Netherlands.                               Tel: (+31) 0313-659101   email:                                                                ( In case you  experience difficulties by renting a bungalow or a cabin at  the nearby greenpark, please let us know.

Karma-yoga arrangement for 7 nights;  Preparation before and cleaning after the festival :        Arrival tuesday 26th of May – leaving 2nd of June.

 accommodation                          days before/after festival           Festivaldays                 total cost    own tent                                      5 x 10,- = 50,-                         2 x 35,-   =    70,-              120,-        ashramtent                                 5 x 10,- =  50,-                        2 x 37,50 =    75,-              125,-                3                                5 x 10,- =  50,-                        2 x 50,-   =   100,-              150,-              2                                5 x 10,- =  50,-                        2 x 54,-    =  108,-              158,-

Daytickets advance sale

Daytickets;   € 20,- without meals,   € 30,- with meal included.

The dayticket gives entrance to all kirtansessions in the big tent and possibility to attend the ashram program: Aarti in the morning and in the evening in the temple and the fire ceremony, a small one in the early morning of Saturday and a big one, a Havan ceremony, on Sunday morning.      To participate in any of the offered workshops during the festival we ask for a donation to support our charity: the hospital in Chailianaula in India. At our front desk you can find information and sign up lists for the workshops. Here you can also give your donation for the workshop of your choise (for more information on workshops see under ‘Workshops/consults/yoga etc.’).

If you like to visit the weekend without staying over you can also get your 3 day ticket for € 50,- without meals and for € 70,- with meals included.

For questions and reservations please contact


2 gedachtes over “Booking

  1. Om Nama Shivaya
    Kan ik een plaats in de Ashram reserveren , dorm. voor de hele duur van het Festival ?
    Ik betaal bij aankomst .
    Vikram Singh


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